[ 5 Easy Steps] How to unlock a va issued iPad 2024

Are You Looking For a way to unlock a va issued iPad? If yes then I have shared the best method to unlock this type of iPad with a computer or laptop. You just need a computer or laptop to remove restrictions va issued restriction from your iPad.

Unlocking a Va-issued iPad is related to bypassing MDM restrictions from any iPad and you just need to follow the same process to unlock your Va-issued iPad easily.

What Is VA Issued iPad?

Under the VA iPad initiative, which is a partnership between Apple and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), qualifying veterans engaged in VA health care who lack a video device or internet connectivity can receive cellular-enabled iPads.

how to unlock a va issued ipad

Increasing veterans’ access to virtual care benefits is the program’s main goal, particularly in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Veterans who received tablets expressed greater convenience, fewer missed appointments, and high levels of satisfaction with their care. The initiative was launched in 2016 and has since been expanded.

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Steps unlock a va issued iPad Easily 2024

Follow The below steps to unlock the va issued iPad easily for free. So Let’s get started.

Disclaimer: This article about unlocking a VA-issued iPad is dedicated to educational purposes only. We don’t promote any illegal activity.

Step 1: Download UnyLock On Your PC For Free And Run it.

You can use any software to bypass MDM restrictions on your VA-issued iPad but here I am AnyUnlock Tool which is free and helps us to remove MDM restrictions on your iPad.

how to unlock a va issued ipad

Just Go to the official website of AnyUnlock Tool and download it from there. After Downloading it, Install it on your PC and then Run It.

Step 2: Connect Your iPad to your Computer Using a USB Cable

After Running the AnyUnlock on your PC, Pick Up your iPad and connect it to your computer.

how to unlock a va issued ipad

When you connect your iPad to your computer, your iPad will ask you to verify your PC connection with your iPad screen lock password. Then Just Enter the password in your iPad to connect it to your iPad

Step 3: Open AnyUnlock Tool And Click On Bypass MDM Option

After Connecting Your iPad to your computer, open AnyUnlock Tool and then simply click on the Bypass MDM option to get started.

how to unlock a va issued ipad

Step 4: Then Click On the “Bypass Now” Option On the Next Page

When you will click on the Bypass MDM option it will go to the next screen. Here you will see two options. But you have to only click on the Bypass Now option.

how to unlock a va issued ipad

Then it will go to the next step and here you will click on the bypass now option as shown in the image below.

how to unlock a va issued ipad

Then it will go to the next step. Here make sure that your device is on Remote management. Now click on Already done to start the unlocking process. It will take some time to complete the process.

how to unlock a va issued ipad

Step 5: you have successfully unlocked your iPad which is VA issued

Now you have successfully bypassed your VA-issued iPad with this easy process.

how to unlock a va issued ipad

This process is so easy. I hope you have done this process easily without any errors. When AnyUnlock shows that you have successfully bypassed MDM. Your iPad will be rebooted automatically.

how to unlock a va issued ipad

now again unlock your iPad with your screen lock password and now your iPad will ask you to set up your iPad after bypassing it.

Watch Video To Bypass MDM on VA issued iPad

If you don’t want to read this lengthy process, then you can watch this video to unlock your va issued iPad easily.

Final Thoughts

Friends, I have shared a very easy way to unlock your va-issued iPad with the help of your PC and AnyUnlock tool. if you face any error in this process comment below and it will get the solution of this error for you.

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FAQS(Frequently Asked Questions)

Can you download apps on a VA iPad?

No, You can’t download and install apps on VA iPad because this iPad is limited to telehealth only. you can’t access AppStore, Apple Music, etc. You have to unlock it to download apps on Va issued iPad. Follow the above steps to unlock a va issued iPad.

Can I unlock a va issued iPad without a computer?

A computer or laptop is necessary to remove VA restrictions from your VA issued iPad. So, you can’t unlock a va issued iPad without a computer.

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