Protect Your Privacy: How to Turn Off NameDrop on iPhone in iOS 17

Want to turn off Namedrop on iPhone? This is the new feature of the iPhone IOS 17 Update which is used to exchange all contact information between two iPhones automatically when these iPhones come close to each other by using an airdrop which is not good for anyone’s privacy.

The instructions apply to iOS 17 and newer versions. This avoids confusion for users of older iOS versions

In this article, I will show you how to turn off NameDrop Feature on your iPhone and protect your privacy easily. This feature is called bringing devices together feature which is a new feature of the IOS 17 upgrade.

Why Turn Off the NameDrop feature (IOS 17 New Update)?

The Main and important reason to turn off contact sharing on the iPhone iOS 17 update is that it can be harmful to any user’s privacy.

Turning off NameDrop is crucial for protecting your privacy as it prevents anyone nearby from accessing your contact information without your consent, including strangers and public figures.

It should be turned off on almost every iPhone. NameDrop is a feature in iOS that allows users to share contact information between two devices.

how to turn off namedrop on iphone

It works by holding the tops of the devices next to each other, with the connection starting when both devices are close enough to touch.

If the devices are separated, users can choose between Receive Only or Share options, with Receive Only allowing only the other person’s contact details.

If your iPhone’s NameDrop feature is turned on, anyone nearby could potentially access your contact information without your knowledge.

Note: The NameDrop Feature is only available on iOS 17 and newer versions.

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Steps To Turn Off NameDrop On iPhone ( Disable Bringing Devices Together Feature)

You just need to follow the steps below to Turn Off NameDrop on your iPhone. Let’s Get Started.

Step 1: Go To Settings and Then Top On General

First Of all, Just Open Settings On your iPhone then scroll down and find the general on your iPhone which will like the image below. Just Tap on the General option To Open the further settings.

how to turn off namedrop on iphone

Step 2: Tap On AirDrop Option In General Settings

After Clicking On General Option you will go to the list of general settings. Here just find the AirDop option and then click on it as shown in the image below.

how to turn off namedrop on iphone

Step 3: Turn Off “Bringing Devices Together” Feature on your iPhone

Now Here You will see the AirDop Settings. You will see the option with the name “Bringing Devices Together“. This option will be turned on by default. Toggle The Bringing Devices Together off.

how to turn off namedrop on iphone

Now you have successfully turned off NameDrop on your iPhone which is updated to iOS 17. If you need further help you can comment below or contact Apple Support

Steps to turn off contact sharing on iPhone iOS 17

If you want to turn off contact sharing on your iPhone iOS 17 Then Just watch the video carefully and follow the steps mentioned in the YouTube video.

Final Thoughts

I have shared a very easy way to protect your privacy by turning off the namedrop feature on your iPhone. I you have any questions about this feature you can ask in the comments and also share your feedback with us.

FAQS ( Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I turn on the NameDrop on my iPhone?

You can turn on NameDrop Feautre by going to settings > general > AirDop > Toggle Bringing Devices Together on Option

How do you use NameDrop on iOS 17?

By pressing the tops of two iPhones together, users can activate the feature.
Next, on your device, a contact card including your phone number and email address can appear. You can then select between sharing and receiving only.

What does NameDrop share?

NameDrop shares your contact information (phone number, email, etc.) with nearby iPhones and Apple Watches, like a tap-and-go magic trick for your phonebook!

What happens if I accidentally turn on NameDrop?

NameDrop doesn’t automatically share your info unless you tap another iPhone/Apple Watch. You can choose to share details, receive only info, or disable it in Settings.

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