2 Best Ways To Install Android On ipad 2024

You can’t install the latest apps on your old iPad. You can install Android on iPad to solve this problem. By installing Android OS on your iPad you can use the latest apps on your iPad easily.

Just you have to follow step-by-step instructions to solve your problem without any errors. I personally use these two methods to run Android on my old iPad and I enjoy the latest apps on my old iPad.

Why Do you need to install Android OS on your iPad?

The first question is why you must run the Android operating system on your iOS device. According to my experience, the latest apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, and others couldn’t be installed on old iPads like iPad 2 or iPad 3.

When I tried to install apps on the ios version it showed an error that “This app is not compatible with your iPad”. Because Your iPad is too old to support these latest apps.

how to install android on ipad

How To Install Android On An Ipad without JailBreak 2024

Friends, if you want to install Android OS on your old iPad without jailbreak, Then you should watch this video to get help because there is a complete guide on how can you install Android OS on your iPad easily without any jailbreak.

credit: Go to the respected owner of this YouTube video.

Note: We use just using this video for educational purposes only and we are promoting this YouTube video via our blog post.

Best Methods To Install Android on iPad

I have an iPad 3 and tried all methods available on YouTube to install the latest apps but those methods didn’t work.

Then after a long research, I found these two methods working. So let’s get started installing Android OS on any old iPad.

One method is the use of a virtual machine to install the Android operating system and the second method is installing by jailbreaking your iPad. The First Method is personally recommended.

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Installing Android on iPad using the Virtual Machine

Follow these steps to install Android OS on your old iPad using a virtual machine application.

  • Install UTM on your iPad, a virtual machine app for ios
  • Download the Android Image File from the Safari browser
  • Create and config new machine on VM
  • Run the Android using a virtual machine

These steps are explained in detail for you if you are not an expert. let’s get started.

Step 1: Install UTM on your iPad

First, install UTM, a virtual machine app for IOS devices. This app is not available on the app store and you need to download it from any other resource. To Download UTM, go to get getutm.app and download this app on your iPad.

how to install android on an ipad

What is the UTM APP?

Based on QEMU software, UTM is a virtual machine host and system emulator for iOS and macOS. It enables users to run Windows, Linux, and macOS among other operating systems on their devices.

On Apple Silicon Macs, UTM provides near-native speed, a sandboxed environment, networking features, file sharing, adjustable settings, a user-friendly interface, and pre-configured images for simple installation.

It uses the Hypervisor framework from Apple to provide performance close to native. The source code for UTM is freely accessible on GitHub. Benefits include expanding the capabilities of iPads or Macs, learning about several operating systems, creating applications for many platforms, testing software in a secure setting, and recovering data from outdated systems.

How To Install UTM On Your IOS Without JailBreak

Here is a YouTube tutorial to install the UTM app on your iPad.So, Watch this YouTube video and get help installing UTM on your ipad.

Note: Credit goes to the respected owner of this video

Step 2: Download the Android Image File From Safari Browser

After installing the UTM app on the iPad, you must download the Android Image file on the internet. To download the Android Image File Go to Safari Browser and download the Android OS Version. Now I am downloading Android 9.0.

Here is the link to the website from where you can download Android UTM. Go to github.com/utmapp/UTM/wiki/Android

how to install android on ipad

After Downloading the Image file, Extract the file from the zip in the download folder.

Step 3: Create and Config New VM using the Android Image File

If you download an Android image from the above link. You will get a pre-configured image file and need to open it in the UTM App.

Open the UTM app click on the + icon to create a new VM and then give a name to your VM.

how to install android on ipad

After that if you need any custom configuration you can do it from the (i) button and a configuration will open like the example below.

how to install android on ipad

Step 4: Run the VM and Install Android on it

Now Just Run the VM Machine and install Android on it. Installation will start and take some time to complete.

Step 5: Run Android On Your iPad

Once the installation is completed you need to run the Android VM. Congrats because you have successfully run Android on your iPad.

how to install android on ipad

Now We go to another method to install Android 9.0 on your old iPad using jailbreak.

Disclaimer: You have to use the jailbreak method at your own risk. This content is for educational purposes only.

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Installing Android on iPad Using Jailbreak Method

To install Android OS on iPad via jailbreak, you just need to follow the below steps carefully. Let’s get started.

Step 1: First, Jailbreak Your Ipad. If you don’t know how to jailbreak your iPad, watch the YouTube video to do it.

Step 2: Download and Install the iAndroid App on your iPad

how to install android on ipad

Step 3: Launch Cydia and search for “OpenSSH”. then Install it

how to install android on ipad

Step 4: Connect your iPad to pc using a USB cable

Step 5: Download and install SSH client like Putty on your pc

Step 6: Open Putty and connect to your iPad by using the IP address that appeared on the iAndroid app

how to install android on ipad

Step 7: After Connection, Enter the following command in Putty:

wget http://dl.dropbox.com/u/102774565/iAndroid.deb

Step 8: After downloading the package, enter the following command: 

dpkg -i iAndroid.deb

Step 9: Wait until the installation process is finished. After that, open iAndroid to start using Android on your iPad!

So, Friends, These are the two best methods of getting Android on your ipad. There may be other methods on the Internet but these are very easy according to my experience.

Alternative Methods to Run Android Apps on iPad:

There are some other methods that you can use to run Android apps on your iPad. Let’s get started and get the knowledge about alternative methods of running Android Apps on your iPad easily.

Method 1: (Cloud-based solutions) Use of Cloud Services

User-friendly cloud services such as Paperspace, Netboom, and Shadow PC provide an alternative method to run Android apps on your iPad without installing Android OS directly on your iPad.

How to install android on ipad

They offer a virtual environment that lets you use their servers to run Android apps remotely, doing away with the need to install software or jailbreak your device. This method is perfect for beginners and those seeking a hassle-free experience.

Method 2: Dual-Booting on your ipad

Dual-booting provides a potent answer for tech-savvy users who desire native Android capabilities. This entails installing Android alongside iOS and partitioning the storage on your iPad.

Resource for Dual-booting: 

This maximizes your versatility by enabling you to quickly switch between the two operating systems. However if done incorrectly, dual-booting increases the danger of data loss and necessitates technical know-how.

Method 3: Web Apps of Android applications

Many popular Android apps have web versions accessible through your iPad’s browser. While these versions might lack some features of the native app, they offer a convenient and readily accessible alternative without any technical setup.

Final Thoughts

I hope these two methods will help you to install Android on your iPad without any problem. If you need any further help you can comment below and give your feedback on how our content is helpful for you.

FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is it possible to install Android on an iPad?

Yes, it is possible to install Android on an iPad, but the process can be complex and varies depending on the iPad model and iOS version. Several methods exist, each with its advantages and disadvantages.

Can I turn my iPad into Android?

Yes, You can turn your iPad into Android by installing Android OS on your iPad. You can use the above tips to install Android on your ipad.

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