[Updated 2024]How To Fix Decreasing Battery while Charging iPhone

I think you experienced you experienced battery draining while charging your iPhone. It can affect your iPhone’s battery health. I have solutions to Fix Decreasing battery while Charging iPhone and this guide is updated.

I hope these solutions will work for you. I think your iPhone is old and old versions of iPhones focus on performance instead of battery.

The latest iPhones have the best battery life as well as performance but old models may have battery life issues. In this blog post, I will explain the best methods to stop battery draining while charging iPhone. So, let’s get started.

Why does the iPhone battery decrease while charging?

First of all, you know why your iPhone’s battery starts decreasing while charging. So, many factors cause the battery to drain while charging your iPhone. These causes can be the following:

How To Fix Decreasing battery while Charging Iphone

iOS updating issues: First I want to tell you that you might check your phone’s software update. This issue can decrease your iPhone battery capacity and can damage the battery.

Over-Use of Battery: Another cause can be the over-use of batteries. you may use your iPhone even if your battery decreases under 20%. We don’t use any iPhone if its battery level is under 20%. Because it may decrease battery charging capacity.

Background apps: Most of the apps have permission to run in the background. So it may be the cause because when you charge your iPhone. apps run in the background and consume the battery while charging.

Damaged Charging Port: This issue may be caused by a damaged charging port or board, which is commonly missed.

Charger or Charging cable: The charging cable or adapter, which is responsible for recharging your phone’s power, can sometimes be damaged, which can cause the entire battery to be damaged.

IPhone Overheating: iPhone overheating can cause discomfort and speed up battery loss, impacting user experience. This issue is similar to sending a device into overdrive, consuming power at an accelerated speed, and can play a significant role in battery loss.

Now you fully know about reasons that can be the cause of your iPhone battery decreasing even while charging.

Ways to Fix Decreasing Battery while Charging iPhone

I have shared the solution to your problem of draining your iPhone’s battery while charging. These methods will help you to fix decreasing battery while Charging your iPhone. These are the following methods.

Enable Airplane Mode While Charging

One is the main reasons for the battery draining while charging an iPhone could be that you may enable data and some apps use an internet connection constantly. Data usage can drain the battery even if your iPhone is charging

How to fix decreasing battery while charging iphone

So, You should enable airplane mode while charging your iPhone. To Enable Airplane Mode Just Got Settting>tap On Airplane Mode> Toggle On this Option

Cleaning your iPhone’s charging port

Dust and dirt may gather in the iPhone’s charging port, affecting the connection between the cable and internal components. To fix this, check the port for dirt or lint, remove it gently with a non-metallic tool, and avoid using knives or liquids.

Reduce the Brightness and Volume of your iPhone

High brightness levels and high volume can also consume the battery and cause the battery to drain. So, you should also reduce the brightness and volume to the optimum level. This step also helps you to improve the battery life of your iPhone.

Plugin Your iPhone’s Charger to Other Wall Outlets

It is also an important point to check the wall outlet where you often connect your charger to charge your device.

How to fix decreasing battery while charging iphone

Because it can be damaged can also affect your iPhone’s battery. if the wall outlet is causing the problem then you should change this outlet and you will get the solution to this problem.

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Shutdown your iPhone while charging

How to fix decreasing battery while charging iphone

if your iPhone is still draining the battery while charging even if you close background apps, enable Airplane mode and take other steps to fix the battery drain while charging your iOS device. Then You should turn off your iPhone while charging to only focus on charging your phone.

Check Battery health if it is at an optimum level

You should also check your battery health because maybe your iPhone has low battery health and needs a replacement of the battery. So this step is also important. Here are the simple steps to check your battery health:

Step 1: Open the Settings app on your iPhone

Step 2: Scroll down and press on Battery.

How To Fix Decreasing battery while Charging Iphone

Step 3: Click on the Battery health option

How To Fix Decreasing battery while Charging Iphone

Step 4: Check Your iPhone’s battery capacity

How To Fix Decreasing battery while Charging Iphone

A larger percentage shows a healthier battery, while a smaller percentage means that your battery may be nearing the end of its lifespan.

Enable Optimized battery option in setting

You also must enable the optimized battery option in the settings because this option is off by default and you need to enable it. This may prevent draining your iPhone’s battery while charging.

To enable this option Go to settings>battery>battery health> Optimized battery charging.

How To Fix Decreasing battery while Charging Iphone

Only Use an MFi-certified cable and adapter to charge your iPhone

You can use any charger that has a USB port and a suitable cable to charge your iPhone. Apple does not supply a charger in the box, so you may be attracted to look for a cheaper solution.

How To Fix Decreasing battery while Charging Iphone

However, for best performance, use an Apple adapter or one that’s MFi-certified. Chargers from other known manufacturers like Samsung should also have all safety checks and may not harm your iPhone.

But notice the wattage of the charger before using it with your iPhone. Besides that, also limit yourself to utilizing a legitimate Apple or MFi-certified Lightning cable. Apple advises utilizing its 20W USB-C charger and a USB-C to Lightning adapter for faster charging.

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Avoid Using your iPhone while charging

You should not use your iPhone while charging. Don’t do any heavy tasks like playing games and live streaming. It may affect your device’s battery and cause battery damage.

How To Fix Decreasing battery while Charging Iphone

Don’t charge your iPhone in extreme temperature

Extreme heat or cold can significantly damage battery health. Never leave your iPhone in direct sunlight or leave it at high temperatures for a long time while charging. You should never charge your iPhone at high temperatures.

Regularly Update your iPhone

Software upgrades often provide bug fixes and performance enhancements that contribute to solving battery-related issues.

How To Fix Decreasing battery while Charging Iphone

Ensure your iPhone is running the newest version of iOS by navigating to Settings > General > Software Update. If an update is available, follow the on-screen instructions to install it.

Stops Apps Running in the Background While charging

You have to ensure that No app runs in the background when your iPhone is on charging. Any Heavy and battery-consuming apps can decrease the battery even while charging.

How To Fix Decreasing battery while Charging Iphone

Contact iPhone Support if the above methods do not work

If you have applied the above method to fix your iPhone’s battery-decreasing issue and nothing works for you then you should contact Apple support and tell them about this problem.

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Final Thoughts

If the above solutions are not working then your iPhone may have any other hardware fault that causes the battery to drain so fast in your iPhone.

Friends, I explained all the causes and solutions to fix the decreasing battery while charging the iPhone according to my information and experience. I your problem is not solved then contact iPhone support to get the solution to this problem.

Please note: This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute professional advice. Always refer to Apple’s official documentation for the latest information and troubleshooting steps.

FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why is my iPhone losing power while charging?

iPhone power loss during charging can be caused by various factors including outdated iOS versions, heavy battery usage, background apps, damaged charging ports, defective chargers or cables, overheating, and aging batteries.

These issues can disrupt battery optimization, cause faster degradation, and damage the phone’s capacity to hold a charge.

How do I fix my battery when charging decreases?

To improve iPhone battery drain while charging, enable Airplane Mode, clean the charging port, check battery health, enable Optimized Battery Charging, use MFi-certified chargers and cables, avoid heavy usage, avoid extreme temperatures, update iOS, close background apps, turn off location services, and reduce brightness and volume.

If none of these solutions work, contact Apple Support for further assistance. Avoid extreme temperatures, use MFi-certified chargers, and update iOS if necessary.

Why is my iPhone battery going down when I’m not using it?

iPhone battery drain can occur due to background app activity, push notifications, location services, background fetch, weak cellular signal, and Bluetooth.

Disabling or turning off background fetch for individual apps or limiting Bluetooth usage can help prevent battery drain. Additionally, weak cellular signals and Bluetooth can also contribute to battery drain.

Why charging is decreasing fast in iPhones?

iPhone charging may slow down due to various factors such as using non-MFi-certified chargers, damaged charging ports, low-power chargers, computer charging, extreme temperatures, and software issues. Non-MFi-certified chargers may not provide enough power,

while damaged ports may hinder charging. Low-power chargers may also be less efficient than wall outlets.

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